Quality Policy

To achieve a total satisfaction of our external and internal customers, CIMSA's Direction establishes a Quality policy based on the following commitments:

- To make continuous improvements in our products and services, adapting and modernizing facilities and processes to satisfy the customer requirements.

- To establish data quality objectives and work together in the continuous improvement.

- To provide effective protection for workers guaranteeing compliance with the Health and Safety legislation.

- To provide workers with the training they need in order to expand their skills base and increase their versatility.

- To encourage the human factor of the Company to increase their participation in the Quality System.

- To improve the efficiency of our Quality System in economically sustainable ways.

- To supply products that satisfy customer needs and legal requirements.

- To focus of the entire Organisation on customers and the creation of value, promoting the methods and communication channels to identify aspects that can realistically be improved.

- To achieve a position of leadership in the Parachute sector in order to increase consumer confidence .

- To spread the Qualit politics inside the organization and to checking her when it is necessary for his continuous adequacy.

- To disseminate the quality policy to all staff of the organization, partners, suppliers and clients, ensuring that it is understood.

Politica de Calidad