CIMSA lngeniería de Sistemas is a world class parachute company with activities in design and manufacturing of all kinds of parachutes and aerodynamic stabilizers.

The initial days of silk air crew emergency parachutes when the company was born in 1934, lead to today's development of state of-the-art manufacturing procedures, techniques and design methodologies around the stabilization and deceleration of bodies with textile based systems.

We specialize in precise designs and solutions tailored to our customers requirements, normally stowed in difficult areas, and involving the need for controlled and reliable extraction and deployment of parachutes.

Aerodynamic and structural design and engineering of vehicle deceleration, stabilization and floatation systems; large highly loaded ram-air textile wing structures; powered vehicles textile wings; military personnel operations and training parachutes and high performance sports ram-air canopies... our technology allow the company respond to a broad range of performance requirements, not only in the area of personnel parachute systems, but also aircraft and vehicle braking and stabilizing chutes, ram-air guided load dropping systems, and other advanced systems.